WAL Programmer Manual


7. Types and Conversions

This section describes functions for type conversions.
(atom? x) ↦ (boolean?)
     x : WAL expression
Returns true if the argument x is either a symbol, integer, boolean, symbol, or string. Otherwise returns false.
(symbol? x) ↦ (boolean?)
(string? x) ↦ (boolean?)	  
   (int? x) ↦ (boolean?)
  (list? x) ↦ (boolean?)
       x : WAL expression
Predicate functions that return true if the argument x is of the checked type. Otherwise returns false.
(convert/bin x width) ↦ (boolean?)
       x : (int?)
   width : (int?)
Converts an integer x to a binary string representation with a size of width bits.